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Chicken Soup.xar is a perfect example of food that looks
appetizing in the bowl but whose appeal is totally offset by the
packaging. Fortunately, this file has the beginning of a much
better label here. It will be your charge to finish the label,
distort it so it has the same curve and perspective as the generic
label, and suggest lighting so the new label fits into the scene,
not on top of it.
Finding a Font for a Logo
Although Chapter 8 is packed with creative steps for designing
logos, this can label can be handsomely cobbled by simply using
good taste in your choice of a few fonts. The Xara installation
disk has scores of nice fonts, all arranged by category, and if you
chose to install them when you installed Xara, you can quickly
review and install a font from within Xara.
If you chose a custom Xara install, you can go back to the install disk and copy the typefaces
to any hard disk folder you like, or reinstall Xara to include the Install Fonts option. To manually
install a typeface, you drag its icon into the Fonts folder in Windows Control Panel—the
typeface is then immediately available in every program that uses typefaces.
Let's go with the flow in this example: a certain brand of
soup is highly recognizable for its script logo, brilliant warm
color fields, and emblem above the type of soup. Imitation is
the sincerest form of flattery, so you'll flatter (but not outright
plagiarize) this iconic comestible. Here's how to install and
begin the soup can label design:
With the Chicken Soup.xar document loaded in Xara,
click the Fonts Gallery icon on the Standard Bar.
If you purchased the physical installation CD, proceed
to step 4. If you installed the downloadable copy of
Xtreme, click the Get Fonts button on the Fonts Gallery
when you have an active Internet connection. In a
moment, Xtreme will download the installation disk's
typefaces to the gallery.
Navigate to the Script Fonts folder, double-click it to
open it, and then scroll down to Biorst Regular, a fairly
uncommon script font due to its heavy weight. Double-
click its title to display a confirmation box: yes, click
Install—Biorst is installed to your system and ready to
use in Xara.
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