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Click the Copy button on the Animation Frame Gallery.
The eyes need rotating; this will be a four-step animation,
so 90 degrees clockwise for Frames 2, 3,
and 4 will return the degree of rotation
to Frame 1. Click one eye, type -90 in
the rotation (Angle Of Selection) field on
the Infobar, and then press ENTER .
Do the
same with the other eye.
Select the fellow's mouth and make it
slightly larger by holding SHIFT while
you drag a corner handle ( SHIFT keeps the
object's position centered). Then round
it more by holding SHIFT and dragging
outward on a middle bounds handle.
Click Copy. Rotate each eye by
- 90 degrees (clockwise),
and then hold down the SHIFT key to increase the fellow's
mouth to animate the unspoken word “Wow!”
Click the Frame 2 title on the Frame Gallery and then
click Copy. Although the mouth expression is correct
and will cycle back to Frame 1 smoothly, the eyes need
rotating to bring the spirals back full-circle. Rotate them
by - 90 degrees each (clockwise).
Edit Frame 4 to progress eye rotation
Click the Export Animated GIF button. The Options
button in the Export Animated GIF box is your “last
chance” to redefine the palette options, the length of
the animation loops, and other options you have in the
Preferences box accessed from the Animation Frame
Gallery. If you're game, choose a destination folder and
then click Save.
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