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Choose 10 points from the Font Size drop-down list.
Highlight the word “Sandwiches.” Choose Bodoni
Heavy and give it a 14-point font size.
Save, but don't close the file. You're closer to finishing
the layout than you might think.
Setting Tabs
By default, Xara puts tabs every half-inch in paragraph text.
You can change this by applying a new tab to the text; if, for
example, you put a new tab at .333 inches, all subsequent tabs
are .333 inches apart. Something fancy restaurant menus feature
is a tab alignment of prices—customers can scan the menu
quickly, and having all prices justified against the decimal in the
dollar (or yen, or peso) value gives a clean look.
Follow these steps to remove the ill-executed dot leader
in the RTF imported text and put a decimal leader in a good
paragraph place.
Highlight the text with the Text Tool.
On the ruler, to the left of the column markers, is a Tab
button that toggles to different justification types when
you click on it. By default, it's a left-justified tab. Click
this button to change the proposed type of tab you'll
create to Center, then Left, and a final click gets you to
Decimal Tab. Hover over the marker, and a Tool Tip tells
you when you have the correct tab.
Scan the highlighted text for the longest line of text—
with attention only to the lines before the price.
Click on the ruler just a little after the longest line of text
to add a decimal tab.
Remove the dot leaders by highlighting them and then
pressing BACKSPACE .
One at a time, put your cursor directly after the last word
and before the price, and then press TA B . If you need to
adjust and fine-tune the position, keep the menu text
selected and drag the decimal tab within the rule.
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