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Formatting the Menu Items
You're going to return to one of Windows' default fonts again
in the following steps: Book Antiqua is an attractive and highly
legible typeface that will serve the menu's item list quite nicely.
Also, you'll find a feature in Xara's Fonts drop-down to be an
invaluable time-saver. You might have noticed that text you
select with the Text Tool immediately changes to a preview of
any font name you hover over on the Fonts drop-down list: this
is called Live Preview. Only when you click on the font name
does the selected text change. But family members of a typeface
(bold, italic, condensed)—when a typeface has members—are
listed on a flyout from the font name; you choose them and
apply that “style” (family member) to the entire selected text.
In this example… no, no, you don't want to apply a family
member to the selected menu text. The RTF file was carefully
formatted so each entry is in bold, followed by a description in
Normal of each savory item. To keep this formatting, you select
the main font from the list, not a member of the family. Let's
work through this one:
Highlight the menu items with the Text Tool; you
don't want to select all because the name of the entrée
category should be in a different font.
Drop the Fonts list down, and then hover over Book
Antiqua but don't click yet. Look at the preview on your
page. If you think you can do better from your list of
installed fonts, go for it. If not, click the font name, but
don't click any of the family member names.
Click the main font name; don't click
a family member on the flyout
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