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On the Grid and Ruler tab, set Major Spacing
to 1in (no space) and Number Of Subdivisions to 8 .
Zoom into the vertical ruler, and then drag a guide from
the horizontal ruler at exactly the 7" mark on the vertical.
Drag a vertical guide from the vertical ruler and place it
exactly at the 4 ¼" mark on the horizontal ruler.
Drag a vertical guide to the ¼" mark on the horizontal
ruler, and then create another vertical guide at exactly
8 ¼" on the horizontal ruler.
Finally, put a horizontal guide at 1" and another at 13".
Choose File | Save Template: why waste this setup work
when you can open a new file with these guides all set
to go for future assignments? Save the file to (wherever
you installed Xara)\Templates\ENG (or other language).
Choose the name carefully; it will appear under File |
New in every new session of Xara.
CTRL - SHIFT - O for Options. Click the View tab, click
Import At DPI Specified In The Image File, and click
OK. JPEG, TIF, Photoshop PSD, and certain PNG files
can retain image resolution information when saved;
the image you'll import in the next step has resolution
information, and if you didn't perform this step here,
you'd be obliged to do manual resizing of the image.
CTRL - ALT - I to import The Quiet Spot.jpg; locate the
file and choose it.
With the Selector Tool, drag the image until its upper-
left corner snaps to the center of the two guides in the
middle of the page at 4 ¼" width and 7" height. Notice
that the image runs outside of the cropping guides—the
image was created deliberately this way (and you
should do the same when cropping images) so that some
“unimportant” image area bleeds outside where you'll
crop. Bleed prints, particularly in desktop publishing,
create a sophisticated, polished, savvy presentation.
Save the file with a name you'll remember. Don't close
the file. You saved this file as a template in step 5; because
you've named the file, it's now no longer the template file,
but the template is indeed saved for future use.
Trim for bleed
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