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Repeat steps 2-5 with the remaining unextruded
characters, except direct them up and to the left . Save
your work now; don't close the document.
Fitting the 3D Text
The green outline circle is in this document for two reasons: to
align the 3D text around the top of the mug and to use as a base
for fitting the remaining text along the bottom of the logo.
Tackle the first part first:
Drag a horizontal guide down to about the eye level of
the mug.
One character at a time, with the Selector Tool,
reposition the characters until their horizontal centers
are aligned with the green circle outline.
Using your artist's eye, space the characters until the
first and last characters intersect the guide. The text is
on a layer on top of the mug, but a nice design element
might be to eclipse the first U and the I by the straws
and the umbrella; because the characters are very simple
and bold, legibility won't be an issue. To put these
characters behind the image, open the Object Gallery,
click on a shape (it's named “Extrusion”), and then drag
it to the bottom layer, below the Photo Mug.png title.
Because you more or less performed a batch extrusion
with the characters, the extrude depth, lighting, and
angle of rotation might not be what you'd consider
polished. Select a character in question by using the
Extrude Tool, increase or decrease the extrusion depth
either manually or by using the slider on the Infobar,
and then adjust any light if needed.
With the Selector Tool, click a selected character. Then
click it to put it into Rotate/Skew transformation mode,
and drag a control handle to place the character(s) more
randomly and also to close a gap between characters.
Feel free to scale a character up or down, too; volcanoes
beg a little chaos.
Creating Curves for Logo Embellishments
Much of the work in the following steps has to do with setting
up two curves to apply two lines of text. Xara Xtreme doesn't
automatically fit a second line of text to an imaginary outer
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