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about 4 o'clock. Assign it
the Bleach Transparency
type from the drop-down
list on the Infobar. Place
it over the top of the large
droplet shape.
Create a drop copy of the
original large oval; drag
it away from the original,
and then right-click
before releasing both
mouse buttons.
Create another copy and place it above the first copy so
the area revealed on the first copy is an upward-pointing
With both copies selected, perform the Subtract Shape
operation, either by clicking the button on the Infobar
(if you put it there) or by pressing CTRL - 2 .
Place the object at the bottom of the glass button
composition so its concave part fits the bottom of the
button oval. Then press CTRL - SHIFT - B to move the object
back two places in the order of objects on the page.
Assign the result shape a deep-tone flat fill of the color
of the large oval and assign it a flat transparency type in
Stained Glass type (about 50% transparency is good).
Then feather it—a 2-inch tall button can use about a
20-pixel feather value—just drag the Feather slider until
it looks good (see Figure 7-1).
Create a shadow for
the button.
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