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New York Through the Seasons: When to Go
and What to Expect
New York offers the beautiful four seasons offered by the northern part of the United States.
However, some times the weather isn't as ideal for tourists (especially if you aren't used to
it). Manhattan resides between two rivers (the East River and the Hudson River). Because of
this and its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, the temperatures tend to drop at night and stay
extra chilly during the winters.
New York City can be hot, humid, sunny, cold, rainy, sticky, frigid, or beautiful…and New
Yorkers accept all of it with stride (and a glare). Here are the seasonal expectations so you
know what to pack and plan for!
Winter (October to late February): Outside of Christmas and New Year,
this is the quietest time to visit. From October to the New Year, New York
City is the busiest and the most expensive because of the Holiday Season.
There is something magical about a light snow After the holidays, many are
tired of partying, celebrating, gifting, and traveling, so that also means that
New York is the cheapest during this time. From hotels to restaurant deals
to tourist packages, do your research and plan ahead to ensure a good rate.
However, the downside is the limited daylight, the frigid temperatures and
icy sidewalks. Invest in a good pair of snow boots, mittens, a puffer coat, and
you'll fit right in with the other disgruntled and cold New Yorkers.
Spring (March to early May): Spring is one of the shortest seasons in New
York, but it's one of the most beautiful. As the days become longer and
flowers and trees start to bloom, the New York Attitude tends to thaw out (just
a little). If you plan your trip around this time, be sure to head to the Upper
West or Upper East Side and view the gorgeous bright pink cherry blossoms
blooming on the trees. Be prepared to bring a medium weight jacket and long
pants due to cooler mornings and dropping temperatures when the sun goes
Summer (Middle May to late August): Because school is out, summer in
New York City is peak season and swarming with crowds just as crowded as
the holiday season. Surprisingly, although prices may soar, July 4 th Weekend
is one of the quietest in the city as many locals flee the high temperatures for
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