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Many celebrities live in New York City. A true New Yorker views them as another person,
just trying to do their job and live in the city. While a tourist may get excited and ask for a
photo with said celebrity, a local is too cool for that.
Most of their wardrobe is black.
New Yorkers like simple. Black is simple, chic, and always in style. A New Yorker won't
wear loud prints, colors, or patterns. They'll stick with what's classic and easy to wear.
They'll be the ones yelling at a New York Bar
Whether they are a Giants/Yankees or a Jets/Mets fan, a New York fan is a diehard fan. Just
because they may have moved outside of New York, doesn't mean they'll stop rooting for
them. With all the transplants across the United States, it's easy to assume there will be a
New York bar somewhere and it will be filled with proud New Yorkers.
They'll have their headphones on.
New Yorkers spend countless hours on public transportation in the city. It doesn't matter if
they are in New York or another city, as this habit will transfer with them. It's more import-
ant to be focusing in on their work/transportation, then casual chitchat.
They know the latest websites/apps for finding restaurants/modern
If a New Yorker doesn't know about the latest restaurant like they would in their normal
comfort zone of Manhattan, they know to use Yelp or another app to find out where to go.
If they need a cab, they know not to wait outside or call a cab company, but to Uber. If they
want to get laundry done, buy groceries, or pick up their medication, they know to order it
online. New Yorkers know how to do many things at once. One way to do this is by know-
ing the latest and greatest apps or websites to make life easier.
They can only speak badly about New York.
If a New Yorker moves away from the city, they'll talk about New York. Whether it's the
hustle, the trash, the smells, or the transportation, they'll give a reason why they moved.
However, don't fall into this trap and chime in. In reality, a true New Yorker has a love/hate
relationship with the city. They'll complain about it and talk about what they went through
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