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tural melting pot, many true “New Yorkers” are actually not be originally from New York.
Those that have wanted to follow the New York dream have moved to fulfill their goals. In
return, they have developed certain characteristics/preferences that they learn and evolve to
in New York will make them locals. We've compiled a list of ways you not only can spot a
New Yorker in New York City, but also how you can spot them outside of their habitat.
Ways to Spot a true New Yorker in New York City (so you know how to act like one)
A New Yorker is always running/rushing to get places.
Whether it's a bus, subway train, or cab, a local New Yorker is always on the go. They need
to be somewhere and they are rushing, because time is money in New York. While “out
of towners” or tourists are taking a minute to absorb their surroundings or understand their
location and how to get to their next destination, New Yorkers have places to be and people
to see. If you are the unfortunate person to block a New Yorker from their way, beware to
be told to move!
2. You can't find a New Yorker in Times Square.
Further continuing our first point, a New Yorker will find the quickest route to get to where
they need to be. With that, they wouldn't be caught in extremely populated/touristy areas
such as Washington Square, Times Square, or Union Square, unless they are showing fam-
ily and friends around the city.
A New Yorker is not stopping in the middle of the streets to take a pic-
If they're taking a minute to stop and take a picture of a skyscraper, they aren't a “true New
Yorker”. Yes, the skyscrapers are amazing. However, we see them day in and out, and the
places New Yorkers need to be are more important than “stopping to smell the roses”.
They're not looking at you. They're looking down, past you, or at their
A New Yorker is too busy to be bothered with simple pleasantries. With over 8 million
people living in New York City, they don't need to worry about being polite. They are
doing five things at once; making sure to use their time wisely.
When they walk by a celebrity, they don't freak out.
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