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Each of Manhattan's neighborhoods pack diversity and culture into each area, which makes
it hard to choose which neighborhoods to travel to, especially if your travel is limited. Most
of the iconic New York areas and skyscrapers such as the Empire State Building, Chrysler
Building, the United Nations and Times Square are found in the heart of the Big Apple:
Midtown Manhattan. The Financial District holds major corporate hubs such as the Free-
dom Tower, the World Trade Center Memorial, as well as many international corporations.
Cultural areas mostly speak for themselves in their name. From Chinatown to Little Italy
to Little Korea you can find some of the world's best ethnic cuisine at the drop of a hat.
Transportation is not only accessible but also easy to understand throughout Manhattan and
it's boroughs. Whether by bus or subway, locals commute on publish transportation. Al-
though they may moan and groan about delays or subway construction, it's much more
affordable than a taxicab, and can take you home sometimes in the same amount of time.
Everywhere in Manhattan and the other boroughs are connected through one line or anoth-
er. Chapter five of this guide provides detailed information on how to effectively use New
York City's public transportation like a pro.
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