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Understanding Manhattan's Neighborhoods
Manhattan's neighborhoods are as unique as their residents. Depending on the neighbor-
hood, you can find that shopping, museums, and even culture vary depending on the loca-
tion. When you're looking at where to go, where to stay, or where to eat, we've compiled a
few noteworthy destinations for each neighborhood!
Upper West Side
The iconic Upper West Side is known for it's “old money” roots and high end suits. From
baby strollers to dog walkers, the Upper West Side is indeed the most family oriented of the
more popular Manhattan neighborhoods. Traditional brownstone buildings line the streets
with picturesque views. Many of the most expensive retail shopping is available in this area,
along with quiet tree strewn streets and local bakeries. Keep an eye out for celebrities, as
many prefer this posh and quiet neighborhood. The Lincoln Center for the Arts, prestigi-
ous Columbus Circle, and satellite classrooms to the prestigious Fordham University and
Columbia University can be found in the Upper West Side.
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