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Welcome to London. Welcome to a city of eccentricity, lauded throughout world history and
throbbing with the iconic and the alternative. Black taxis, red buses, famous clocks, flash-
ing skyscrapers, wine bars tucked down labyrinthine alleys...and that's all within an hour of
landing in this chaotic capital. London is mad. From the throngs that gather on tiny Trafalgar
Square to the disused toilet cubicles turned into coffee joints, there's something peculiar and
bizarre at every turn. Even the breakfasts don't look real; is it really possible to start your day
with six different fried foods? Mugs of tea with milk, pints of “real ale,” opulent shopping
experiences, grubby atmospheric basements, glorious architectural relics, or graffiti ridden
streets...welcome to London and welcome to an incomparable travel experience.
But which side of London are you going to see? Perhaps the funky neighborhoods of the
East, bursting with vibrant color and pop-up markets. Maybe the elegant townhouses of the
West, standing proud in all their Victorian splendor. Of course, few want to miss out on
the bright and famous; Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Street theater, West-
minster flickering over the River Thames... London's greatest appeal is its diversity. In the
space of just two Underground stops you will travel to another borough, a disparate entity
in the overarching sphere that calls itself London. Most Londoners never even venture into
the center, stoically sticking to the sights of their own local borough. Likewise, most tourists
never venture out of Underground Zone 1, missing out on the rich tapestry of culture and
experiences that await in the outlying boroughs.
It would take a few generations to understand London and everything it has to offer. Even
the most longstanding of “cockney” locals wouldn't claim to know it all. London for tour-
ists has two distinct sides. Initially, there's the essential and the iconic, all the famous sights
and experiences that grace television screens around the world. It's hard to visit London and
miss these global travel icons. But London is undeniably bigger than this. There's a very loc-
al side, discovered all over the city and delivering thick doses of originality and charm. For
tourists, this is the alternative side, the patchwork of idiosyncrasies that make London such
an unforgettable experience. This guidebook celebrates both, ensuring you don't miss out on
the iconicity, but you also soak up the authentic and intimate side to this buzzing metropolis.
Of course, the guide is written by a Londoner; who else would be qualified for such a job?
But it's also filled with insider tips from locals living in different boroughs.
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