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So jump into London as we explain it all, from where to sleep to where to grab a 3am snack,
how to use the public transport to how to spend less and experience more. This guidebook
isn't thick on history or background information. So there isn't four pages on the detailed
history of Westminster; that can all be discovered when you visit the ancient parliament.
Instead, this guidebook is rich in practical information and ideas that enable you to craft an
individualized London experience. Think of it as the friendly local in your pocket, offering
directions, suggestions, and essential knowledge. It won't tell you what to do. But it will
ensure you have all the information to create your own perfect London vacation.
Here's a quick rundown of the guide for easy reference.
Chapter 2 - Understanding London : A brief overview of London from a
visitor's perspective, helping you get your bearings and understand the dif-
ferent areas of the city.
Chapter 3 - Essential London Experiences and Trip Planning : This
chapter starts with a rundown of the best of London, both for its famous
sights and unknown attractions. There's something for all eventualities, in-
cluding what to do on an infamous rainy day. It's all followed with some
succinct information about planning an itinerary and when to go.
Chapter 4 - Where to Sleep: From £10 dorm beds to £1000+ five star lux-
ury, London has something for every taste. This chapter covers it all and in-
cludes individual listings of the best London has to offer.
Chapter 5 - How to use London's Public Transport: Nobody drives in
London so you're going to have to get to grips with the network of under-
ground lines and bus services.
Chapter 6 - How to Travel Smart, Experience More, and Spend Less:
London regular appears in the top echelons of the world's most expensive
cities. But you don't need to max out three credit cards to experience Lon-
don. This chapter helps take the spending out of the stratosphere.
Chapters 7 - 11: These sections provide rich detail about the individual bor-
oughs. They're packed with insider's tips, essential sights, uncovered attrac-
tions, where to eat, drink, party, and how to experience the borough from a
local perspective.
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