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1. What are some of the trade-offs between hosted applications and those you install
2. Why do some applications require you to change the file permissions on the
3. Why do most installable applications ask you to specify a prefix for table names in
a database?
Quiz Answers
1. Hosted applications tend to be less work up front and easier to maintain but offer
less flexibility than applications you install.
2. Applications that make changes to the file system, either because they store their
data in files or because they allow users to upload files, generally require you to
change the file permissions for specific directories when you install them.
3. Each application has its own table prefix to prevent naming conflicts when several
applications use the same database. For example, several applications might have
their own table called “users.” Adding an application-specific prefix to it will pre-
vent conflicts.
1. Find out which operating system, application development environment, and data-
base are available from your web host, if you have one. If you're working on inter-
nal projects, find out about your servers from the Information Technology
2. Install one of the applications mentioned in this lesson, or one you find yourself,
and try it out.
3. Go forth and put your new web publishing skills to good use.
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