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This final workshop contains some questions about content management systems, as well
as a quiz and exercises.
Q What about security? I've read about security holes in some web applications.
A A number of popular web applications have been found to have bugs that can cause
security problems, and when you install an application, it's important to keep an
eye on subsequent releases to make sure that you install updates that fix any secu-
rity holes that arise. Deploying an application and not keeping it updated can leave
you vulnerable not only to malicious users who want to break into your servers,
but also spammers who look for problems with applications that can send mail to
use them to deliver spam. The bottom line is that putting up an application on the
Web places some responsibility on the person who deployed it to keep it up-to-date
and prevent it from being used for nefarious purposes.
Q Is there a way to automatically keep my applications up-to-date?
A Some servers run operating systems with package managers. As long as you install
your applications from packages supported by the package managers, you can let
the operating system keep them up-to-date. Doing so generally requires that you
run your own server. If you are using a web hosting provider, you're probably on
your own when it comes to installing updates. Alternatively, you can use hosted
applications. In that case, the company providing the applications is responsible for
keeping them all up-to-date.
Q Will my web hosting provider install and maintain any of these applications
for me?
A Some web hosting providers maintain installations of popular applications so that
their customers don't have to install the applications themselves. For example,
there's a list of web hosts that support WordPress at
If you're sure which application you want to use, it might make sense to select
your hosting provider on that basis.
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