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Creating Reset Buttons
Reset buttons set all the form controls to their default values. These are the values
included in the value attributes of each field in the form (or in the case of selectable
fields, the values that are preselected). As with the Submit button, you can change the
label of a Reset button to one of your own choosing by using the value attribute,
like this:
<input type=“reset” value=“Clear Form” />
Reset buttons can be a source of some confusion for users.
Unless you have a really good reason to include them on your
forms, you should probably just avoid using them. If your form is
large and the user clicks the Reset button when he means to click
the Submit button, he isn't going to be pleased with having to go
back and reenter all of his data.
Creating Check Box Controls
Check boxes are fields that can be set to two states: on and off (see Figure 11.7). To cre-
ate a check box, set the input tag's type attribute to checkbox . The name attribute is also
required, as shown in the following example:
<label> Check to receive SPAM email <input type=“checkbox” name=“spam” /></label>
A check box field.
To display the check box as checked, include the checked attribute, as follows:
<input type=“checkbox” name=“year” checked=“checked” />
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