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mistake, your browser won't find the file on the other end. Many URLs are too complex
for humans remember them; I prefer to copy and paste whenever I can to cut down on
the chances of typing URLs incorrectly.
Figure 6.7 shows how the menu.html file, with the new link in it, looks when it displays.
The First Caesars
Task: Exercise 6.3: Creating a Link Menu
Now that you've learned how to create lists and links, you can create a link menu . Link
menus are links on your web page that are arranged in list form or in some other short,
easy-to-read, and easy-to-understand format. Link menus are terrific for pages that are
organized in a hierarchy, for tables of contents, or for navigation among several pages.
Web pages that consist of nothing but links often organize the links in menu form.
The idea of a link menu is that you use short, descriptive terms as the links, with either
no text following the link or with a further description following the link itself. Link
menus look best in a bulleted or unordered list format, but you also can use glossary lists
or just plain paragraphs. Link menus enable your readers to scan the list of links quickly
and easily, a task that might be difficult if you bury your links in body text.
In this exercise, you create a web page for a set of book reviews. This page serves as the
index to the reviews, so the link menu you create is essentially a menu of book names.
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