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The First Caesars
If your system isn't connected to the Internet, you might want to
connect now so that you can test links to pages stored on the Web.
You can find the URL of the page you're currently viewing in your browser in the
address box at the top of the browser window. To find the URL for a page you want to
link to, use your browser to go to the page, copy the URL from the address field, and
paste it into the href attribute of the link tag. No typing!
After you have the URL of the page, you can construct a link tag in your menu file and
paste the appropriate URL into the link, like this:
< p >”< i >< a href = ”” >
The First Caesars< /a >< /i >” page by Dr. Ellis Knox has more information on these
Emperors. </p>
In that code I also italicized the title of the page using the <i> tag. You'll learn more
about that tag and other text formatting tags on Lesson 7, “Formatting Text with HTML
and CSS.”
Of course, if you already know the URL of the page to which you want to link, you can
just type it into the href part of the link. Keep in mind, however, that if you make a
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