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So, create a simple example in your text editor. Your example doesn't have to say much
of anything; all it needs to include are the structure tags, a title, a couple of headings, and
a paragraph or two. Here's an example:
<!DOCTYPE html> <html>
<title> Camembert Incorporated </title>
<h1> Camembert Incorporated </h1>
<p> ”Many's the long night I dreamed of cheese -- toasted, mostly.”
-- Robert Louis Stevenson </p>
<h2> What We Do </h2>
<p> We make cheese. Lots of cheese; more than eight tons of cheese
a year. </p>
<h2> Why We Do It </h2>
<p> We are paid an awful lot of money by people who like cheese.
So we make more. </p>
Save the example to an HTML file, open it in your browser, and see how it came out.
If you have access to a device other than a computer that has access to the Web, like a
mobile phone, check out your page there as well, and take note of the differences
between them. Figure 4.5 shows what the cheese factory example looks like.
The cheese factory
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