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Part III: Munster (The South)
Munster is vast, sparsely populated, and full of small, diverse regional cultures as distinct
from one another as Galway is from Dublin. It has relatively few large cities, but it's full of
spectacular countryside and wilderness, from the gleaming coastline of Galley Head to the
towering mountains of the Iveragh Peninsula.
Due to its large size and the spread-out configuration of its major tourist sites, there's no
single way to enter or visit Munster. If your base of operations is in Cork, you'll have one
set of options; in Limerick or County Clare, the options will be completely different.
If you're exploring Munster, be sure to check out the information on The Burren and the
Cliffs of Moher in the previous section, as these sites are part of Munster and fairly easy to
access from Limerick.
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