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Carrowmore Cemetery
(photo credit: Jon Sullivan via Creative Commons)
Monolithic Cemeteries
There are two monolithic cemeteries near Sligo Town, called Carrowmore and Carrow-
keel . Carrowmore, the more important of the two from an archaeological perspective, is a
massive passage tomb complex consisting of a central dolmen with several satellite tombs
facing toward the center. One of the tombs has been reconstructed so that visitors can see
what it might have looked like when it was new, and the tomb complex as a whole has
an excellent Visitor's Center where you can learn all about the prehistoric civilization that
built these magnificent tombs.
If County Sligo is known for just one thing, it's traditional music - especially a traditional
Connacht variety of Irish music that emphasizes high-speed, intensely virtuosic fiddling.
Although some of the more famous Sligo fiddlers end up playing in Sligo Town, you can
often hear incredibly talented players in the tiny pubs and inns of rural southern Sligo. Be-
cause of the lack of mountains and archaeological sites, people in southern Sligo are not
used to seeing tourists, but if you tell them you've come to hear their music, most people
will happily direct you to their favorite venue. If you see them later in the pub, you can
thank them for their advice by offering to buy them a drink.
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