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The Defenses at Dun Aengus
(photo credit: Tuoermin via Wikimedia Commons)
There are several prehistoric structures on the Aran Islands, but by far the most famous is
Dun Aengus near the northern tip of Inis Mór. The fort was constructed around 1000 BC ,
and is in remarkably good shape (other than a few sections that have crumbled into the sea).
The fort, situated on some of western Ireland's famous coastal cliffs, affords spectacular
views of the bay and was obviously a formidable obstacle to attackers. Between its high,
thick walls and its wide field of broken-up stones, any visitor can see how difficult it would
have been to conquer it with spears and arrows.
There's also a beehive hut on the west side of the island, a well-preserved example of how
the prehistoric Irish people lived during peacetime.
Inis Meáin and Inis Oírr
Although Inis Mór is by far the largest and most popular of the Aran Islands, you can get
well off the beaten path by heading to one of the other two main islands in the chain. Both
islands are sparsely populated, but have a handful of hotels and B&B's to stay in. They also
have some fairly dramatic coastline (just like Inis Mór), good hiking, and very, very few
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