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National Museum of Ireland
Contrary to its title, this is not a single museum, but rather a collection of museums
scattered around the city. They include the Museum of Archaeology , Museum of Decor-
ative Arts and History , and Museum of Natural History . Each is well worth a visit, de-
pending on the particular tastes of each traveler. However, since the museums are free , you
may as well visit all three of them!
Dublinia & the Viking World
A must-see for history buffs, and a great attraction for kids. This heritage center explores
the early history of the city, starting with its founding by Viking raiders and traders around
900 AD .
Dublin Zoo
Pretty much standard fare as far as zoos go. This one is the largest in Ireland and definitely
worth a trip if you're traveling with kids and want to let them see a wide variety of animals
up close. It's also a respectable operation and is highly-regarded for its conservation efforts.
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