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Molly Malone
Molly Malone with Her Cart
(photo credit: Philip Halling via Creative Commons)
In Dublin's fair city / where the girls are so pretty / I first set my eyes on sweet Molly
Malone as she wheeled her wheel-barrow / through streets broad and narrow / Crying,
'Cockles and mussels, alive, alive, oh!'
This song, one of the most famous ever written about Dublin, tells the fictional story of a
stunningly beautiful Dublin fishmonger, and it's been popular in Dublin pubs for at least
300 years. In 1988, the city unveiled a statue of the imagined Molly which now stands dir-
ectly outside the main Tourist Information Center on Grafton Street. If you're into classic
snapshots (i.e. you have a picture of yourself “leaning” on the Eiffel Tower, and another on
the Washington monument), you won't want to miss the opportunity to pose provocatively
with Molly Malone.
The Gaelic Games
Ireland has two national sports, and both are played regularly at Croke Park in the northern
reaches of central Dublin. If you have the space in your schedule, it's well worth getting in
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