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Where you stay in Dublin depends on what you're looking to get out of the city. If you're
here for the nightlife, go with the Temple Bar district (see p. 20). Temple Bar has accom-
modations at every level, from a large youth hostel up to a number of high-end hotels. But
be ready for noise! The party goes on all night in the Temple Bar, and you may have trouble
getting to sleep, if sleep is really what you're interested in.
If you're more into history and culture, look around Grafton Street, just south of Temple Bar
near Trinity College. Although less raucous than Temple Bar, this district is also thick with
hostels and hotels, and puts you right in the center of Dublin's museums, theaters, shops,
and historic sites. It's also near the Dublin Tourism Information Centre (Suffolk Street,
Dublin 2), which is probably the best first stop for any visitor to Dublin.
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