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Dublin Airport
All flights to Dublin come in via Dublin Airport near the northern suburb of Swords. It's
roughly a half-hour from the city center in light traffic, and well served by buses. The
cheapest way to get into town is the Dublin Bus, which will take you into the city center for
just €2.65. (You can take either route 41 or 16, depending on which part of the city you want
to get to).
Train Stations
If you're arriving in Dublin via train, you'll come into one of two stations. Trains from the
western counties arrive at Heuston , which is a couple of miles west of the city center right
along the River Liffey. It's a gorgeous walk if you don't have too much luggage!
The other train station is Connolly , just a few blocks north of the city center. This station
primarily serves trains to Belfast and other destinations in the north.
Both of these train stations have taxi queues day and night, and of course are served by the
city buses. However, because central Dublin is so compact, it's often easiest just to walk .
This way, you get the added advantage of exploring the city a little on your way to the hotel
or hostel!
Inter-city buses all arrive at Busáras Terminal, right next to the Connolly train station. Again,
you'll probably be within walking distance of your destination, but if not a cab driver will
be able to assist you.
Getting Around Dublin
Dublin is one of the most compact capitals in Europe. The majority of sightseeing destina-
tions, historic bars, shops, and restaurants are all clustered within about a 2-mile radius of
Trinity College in the center of town. This makes the city extremely walkable, and the exper-
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