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The JSON response is accessible via a jQuery function, allowing us to manipulate, display
and, more importantly, style it however we want.
Personally, I'd pick jQuery over JavaScript any day of the week. jQuery makes things a lot
easier for the beginner Web developer who just wants stuff to work right off the bat. I use it
every day. If I had to complete the same tasks using native Javascript, my productivity would
grind right down. In my opinion, JavaScript is for people who want a deeper understanding of
the scripting language and the DOM itself. But for simplicity and ease of use, jQuery is where
it's at.
In essence, jQuery is a JavaScript library, with handy functions like getJSON . This particular
function will be the glue that holds our API client together.
The Goal: A jQuery-Based JSON API Client
I recently submitted to An Event Apart the Web app that we're about to go through now. It's
called Front Row 7
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