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Five Useful Interactive CSS/jQuery Techniques
With the wide variety of CSS3 and JavaScript techniques available today, it's easier than ever
to create unique interactive websites that delight visitors and provide a more engaging user
In this chapter, we'll walk through five interactive techniques that you can start using right now.
Besides learning how to accomplish these specific tasks, you'll also master a variety of useful
CSS and jQuery tricks that you can leverage when creating your own interactive techniques.
The solutions presented here are certainly not perfect, so any thoughts, ideas and suggestions
on how you would solve these design problems would be very appreciated.
So, let's dive in and start building more exciting websites!
1. Extruded Text Effect
The footer of David DeSandro's website uses extruded text that animates on mouseover. This
interactive text effect is a quick and impressive way to add some flare to your website. With
only a few lines of CSS3, we can make the text appear to pop out of the page in three
dimensions .
View the demo 2
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