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hold on
The x, y domain of the extracted points can be shown clearly with an
overhead view:
shading flat
The associated z values can be shown with a side view:
7.6 Nonrectangular Surface Domains
The polarmesh function given on page 26 showed a conical function
defined over a circular domain of x and y points. Let us now look a
bit more generally at how to define such nonrectangular domains for
The standard matlab functions, including graphics functions, tend
to like working with rectangular matrices: each row must have the same
number of columns. For surfaces, this requirement applies to the x , y
and z matrices that specify the surface. Let us demonstrate by way of
an example. First we generate a rectangular domain of x and y points,
with x going from
1to1,and y going from 0 to 2:
>> [x,y] = meshgrid(-1:1,1:3)
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