Graphics Programs Reference
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x = linspace(0,2);
y = 1./(1-x);
' y \rightarrow \pm\infty')
The T E X syntax of ' _ ' and ' ^ ' to produce subscripts and superscripts is
also supported:
t1 = linspace(-5,5);
y = cos(t1.^2);
If the sub- or superscript is more than one character, use curly brackets
to define the scope:
title('cos(t_{i,j}^{2m + 1})')
For degree symbols (e.g. 30 ), use \circ .(In E X you would use \circ
in a superscript, $30^\circ$ , but doing that in matlab makes the
degree symbol too high and too small.)
title('Plot for \alpha = 30\circ')
33.2 Symbols in Tick Labels
To put T E X symbols in tick mark labels you cannot use the commands of
the xlabel family; they currently do not interpret the T E X syntax. How-
ever, you can replace the default ticklabels with Text objects that contain
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