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axis ij
Usually images like this do not need the axes:
axis off
A three-dimensional example now:
axis equal
matlab has drawn a biggish sphere because the near perpendicular view-
point allows the axes to fit within the default plotting area. If we change
the viewpoint:
the sphere is drawn smaller because the axes are more oblique to the
plane. Now go back to the first viewpoint, switch on the vis3d axis
behaviour, and then return to the second viewpoint:
axis vis3d
The sphere is kept a constant size (cf. plot before last, above), which
forces the axes to extend beyond the plotting area (and, in this case,
beyond the Figure area too). You should turn on axis vis3d whenever
you are viewing three-dimensional objects from different angles. In such
situations the axes are usually superfluous anyway, so why not get rid
of them?
axis off
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