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Alamkara Monkey Forest Rd (Map p188;
Ramayana ballets, wayang kulit puppets and
gamelan orchestras. The main venues are:
ARMA Open Stage (Map pp176-7;
sells a wide range of clothing, sarongs, foot-
wear and souvenirs of variable quality at nego-
tiable prices. Decent souvenirs include leather
goods, batiks, baskets and silverware.
More interesting is Ubud's colourful pro-
duce market , which operates to a greater or
lesser extent every day and is buried within
Pasar Seni. It starts early in the morning and
winds up by lunch time.
You can spend days in and around Ubud
shopping. Jl Raya Ubud, Monkey Forest Rd,
Jl Hanoman and Jl Dewi Sita should be the
focus of your expeditions.
Tegun Galeri (Map pp176-7 ;
973361; Jl Hanoman
44) Everything the souvenir stores are not;
beautiful handmade items from around the
island. Next to Bali Cares.
Threads of Life Indonesian Textile Arts Center (Map
pp176-7 ;
972213); Jl Dewi
971004) One of the best jewellery
galleries in Ubud. On display are unusual
but very wearable designs in gold and silver,
featuring black pearls and gems, some made
976659; Jl Raya
Sita (Map p188;
Pengosekan) See also p178.
Padangtegal Dance Stage (Map pp176-7; Jl Hanoman)
Peliatan Pura Dalem Puri (Map pp176-7; Jl Peliatan)
Pura Dalem Puri (Map pp176-7; Jl Raya Ubud)
Pura Dalem Ubud (Map pp176-7; Jl Raya Ubud)
Pura Taman Saraswati (Water Palace; Map p188; Jl
Raya Ubud) See p175.
Ubud Palace (Map p188; Jl Raya Ubud) Nightly
performances in a beautiful setting; see p175.
Ubud Wantilan (Map p188; Jl Raya Ubud) Large meeting
bale across from Ubud Palace.
972187; Jl Kajeng 24) This center stocks
exquisite handmade traditional fabrics. See
p185 for information about the courses in
Other Items
For concentrated souvenir shopping besides
Pasar Seni, go Jl Hanoman and Monkey For-
est Rd. Shops are stocked to the brim with
baskets, textiles, paintings, mirrors, mosaics,
bags, kites, drums, umbrellas - and much
Places with DVDs of dubious origin have
proliferated. Most also have large selections
of CDs both legitimate and pirated.
Kou (Map p188 ;
For fashion and fabrics, the most interesting
shops are found on Monkey Forest Rd, Jl
Dewi Siti and Jl Hanoman. Many will make
or alter to order.
Pusaka (Map p188 ;
Arts & Crafts
You'll find paintings for sale everywhere.
Check the gallery listings (p179) for recom-
mendations. Prices in galleries range from
cheap to collector-level depending on the
artist. Prices often are lower if you buy directly
from the artist's workshop.
Small shops at Pasar Seni and by Monkey
Forest Rd often have good woodcarvings,
particularly masks. There are other good
woodcarving places along Jl Bedulu east of
Teges, and along the road between Nyuhkun-
ing and the southern entrance to Monkey
Forest Sanctuary.
Surrounding villages also specialise in dif-
ferent styles or subjects of masks. Along the
road from Teges to Mas (see p206), look for
masks and some of the most original carved
pieces with natural wood finishes. North of
Ubud, look for carved Garudas in Junjungan,
and painted flowers and fruit in Tegallalang.
Just southeast of Ubud, Peliatan produces
shadow puppets and statuary that is serious,
artistic and profane.
Bali Cares (Map pp176-7 ;
Other performances can be found in nearby
towns like Batuan, Mawang and Kutuh.
Ubud Tourist Information (see p175) has
performance information and sells tickets
(usually 50,000Rp). For performances out-
side Ubud, transport is often included in the
price. Tickets are also sold at many hotels, and
by street vendors who hang around outside
Ubud Palace - all charge the same price as
the tourist office.
Vendors sell drinks at the performances,
which typically last about one to 1½ hours.
Before the show, you might notice the musi-
cians checking out the size of the crowd -
ticket sales fund the troupes. Also watch for
potential members of the next generation of
performers: local children avidly watch from
under the screens, behind stage and from a
musician's lap or two.
One word to the wise about a problem un-
imaginable just a few of years ago: turn off your
mobile phone! Nobody wants to hear it.
978619; Monkey Forest 71)
'Modern ethnic clothing' is the motto here,
which translates into cool, comfy yet stylish
cottons. Need a gift for somebody small (or
not so small)? Adorable house-made plush
toys are only 5000Rp. Look for the fountain
out front.
Wild Ginger (Map pp176-7 ;
971905; Jl Dewi Sita) Luscious
handmade organic soaps made locally.
Breathe deep on the way in.
Kertas Gingsir (Map p188 ;
973030 Jl Dewi Sita)
Specialises in interesting paper handmade
from banana, pineapple and taro plants. If
you're a real fan, ask about factory visits.
Kites Centre (Map p188 ;
979248; Jl Hanoman 1)
This small air-con boutique has gorgeous
displays of unique Bali-made hand-painted
gauzy women's wear.
Zarong (Map p188 ;
970924; Monkey Forest Rd)
There are colourful wind-born creations such
as dragons and sailing ships. A sweet little frog
goes for 25,000Rp.
To/From the Airport
Official taxis from the airport to Ubud cost
175,000Rp. A taxi or car with driver to the
airport will cost about half.
977601; Monkey Forest Rd)
A slightly offbeat, hippy chic fashion store.
There's lots of cool cottons here that will be
at home in any Balinese situation. Among
the local lines sold here is Aryti, which makes
boldly patterned sarongs.
Batavia 1885 (Map pp176-7 ;
972885; Jl Hanoman 32)
It's not a shop, it's an adventure. Who knows
what you'll find in this musty, dusty lit by
just a couple of lights. Urns, bowls, forlorn
puppets, statues and a lot more. You'll be
asking 'Is this a Ming original of a Balinese
knock-off?'. Look for the plates embedded
in the wall outside.
Masery (Map p188 ;
Ubud is on two bemo routes. Orange bemo
travel from Gianyar to Ubud (8000Rp) and
larger brown bemo from Batubulan terminal
in Denpasar to Ubud (6000Rp), and then
head to Kintamani via Payangan. Ubud
doesn't have a bemo terminal; bemo stops
(Map p188) are near the market in the centre
of town.
Shadow Puppets
You can also find shadow puppet shows -
although these are greatly attenuated from
traditional performances that often last the
entire night. Regular performances are held at
Oka Kartini (Map pp176-7 ;
981504; www.idepfoun; Jl Hanoman 44) This lovely shop sells
goods to benefit several local charities in-
cluding IDEP (see p348). Items range from
wood-carvings made from sustainable woods
to paintings, handicrafts and other items pro-
duced by local people. It adjoins Kafe (p196)
and the shop is an excellent resource for infor-
mation on charitable and non-profit groups.
Moari (Map pp176-7;
744 3175; Jl Dewi Sita) Large
air-con shop with boldly coloured Asian-
influenced interiors and clothes. Cushions to
bags to housewares, it could be called 'World
of Accents'.
Thebb (Map p188;
975193; Jl Raya Ubud; tickets
50,000Rp) , which has bungalows and a gallery.
Ubud has a huge variety of quality art shops,
boutiques and galleries. Many places have
clever and unique items made in and around
the area. You can use Ubud as a base to ex-
There are very few taxis in Ubud - those that
honk their horns at you have usually dropped
off passengers from southern Bali in Ubud
and are hoping for a fare back. Instead, use
one of the drivers with private vehicles hang-
977367; Jl Raya Ubud) New
and restored Balinese musical instruments
are sold here.
Pondok Bamboo (Map p188 ;
975880; Jl Dewi Sita) Smart
and hip housewares in distinctive designs
made in Bali.
Toko East (Map p188 ;
974807; Monkey For-
978306; Jl Raya Ubud;
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