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Mimpi Bungalows (Map pp96-7 ;
beach, the Blue Ocean is a clean and basic place
with hot water and pleasant outdoor bath-
rooms. Many of the 24 rooms have kitchens
and there's action nearby day and night.
Su's Cottages II (Map pp96-7 ;
and rooms set in a spacious, quiet garden
around a pool. It's not flash but it's better
than many similarly priced options. There's
a shady poolside café.
Sari Yasa Samudra Bungalows
Hotel Kumala (Map pp96-7 ;
751848; kumim; off Gang Sorga; r 80,000R-150,000Rp;
732186; Jl Pura Bagus
) An amazing value,
convenient to both Legian and Seminyak,
the Kumala has large older-style rooms with
teak furniture, modern bathrooms, and two
pools in a garden filled with bamboo stands,
frangipani and bougainvillea. Some cabbies
call it the 'Kumala Grand'.
Hotel Sayang Maha Mertha (Map pp96-7 ;
Taruna; r US$15-30;
) The cheapest of the 10 bungalow-style
rooms here are the best value. The private
gardens boast orchids and shade, and the pool
is good-sized.
Lima Satu Cottages (Map pp96-7 ;
752127; fax 750372;
Jl Pura Bagus Taruna; r incl breakfast 150,000Rp-200,000Rp;
pp96-7 ;
751562; fax 752948; Jl Pantai Kuta; s/d US$20/23, with
air-con US$35/40;
) These 22 clean, bright rooms feature
rattan beds. The two-storey blocks open onto
an azure pool.
Sinar Indah (Map pp96-7 ;
) An excellent location di-
rectly opposite the beach makes this 50-room
place fine value. It has pleasant bungalows set
in richly planted gardens with a large pool.
Kuta Puri Bungalows (Map pp96-7 ;
754944; Gang
) On a gang
of cheapies off Poppies Gang I, the 11 rooms
here are in a three-storey block and are quite
Masa Inn (Map pp96-7 ;
Bedugul; s/d 120,000/170,000Rp;
751249;; off Jl Lebak Bene; r US$8-45;
755905; Jl Padma Utara;
) This standard, fairly basic
losmen is handy at only five minutes to the
beach. It offers 18 plain, clean rooms with
hot water.
Hotel Puri Tanah Lot (Map pp96-7 ;
) The 56 rooms here range from
basic with cold water to quite comfortable
with a range of amenities like satellite TV. It
has a bar, billiards and a medium-sized pool,
and is popular with surfers.
Bali Village Bagak Hotel (Map pp96-7 ;
r 150,000-200,000Rp;
751903; www; Poppies Gang I; r US$25-35, with air-con & hot
water US$35-50;
Poppies Gang I; s/d 115,000/135,000Rp, with air-con
) The 47 bungalow-style
rooms here are well maintained and are nes-
tled in verdant, tropical grounds. The pool
has a shallow kids' area.
Un's Hotel (Map pp96-7 ;
) A friendly and central
place, Masa Inn offers decent value. All rooms
have hot water and the large pool is a popular
Sari Jaya
752281; tana; Jl Lebak Bene; r with fan US$12-14, poolside
with balcony & air-con US$18-20;
753893;; Jl Werkudara; r 200,000-250,000Rp;
) The 57 rooms
are scattered about three- and four-storey
blocks; all with satellite TV. It's very good
value and the spacious garden is a bonus.
Jl Benesari; s/d US$28/30, with air-con US$34/50;
) A
hidden entrance sets the tone for the secluded
feel of Un's. It's a two-storey place with bou-
gainvillea spilling over the pool-facing bal-
conies. The 30 spacious rooms have solar hot
water, antiques and open-air bathrooms.
Simpang Inn (Map pp96-7 ;
) The only thing shoddy about this well-
run place is the brochure, which notes that it
is 'clowned' by graceful green waving palm
trees. Actually the trees aren't funny at all.
But you'll laugh at the good deal when you get
into one of the 27 rooms. The best have good
cross-breezes. Cheap long-term rates.
Three Brothers Inn (Map pp96-7 ;
756909; off Gang Sorga;
r with fan US$18, with air-con US$24;
(Map pp96-7 ;
) A good-
sized pool occupies the middle ground be-
tween two-storey blocks with 25 comfortable
rooms. It's another of many good Gang Sorga
Hotel Lusa (Map pp96-7 ;
The bulk of accommodation in the Kuta area
falls into the midrange category, especially
in Legian. Quality varies widely, with some
places offering quite a bit in terms of loca-
tion, amenities and service. Leave the latter
for hapless groups.
753714; www.hotellusa
/hotels/simpanginn; Jl Legian 133; s US$25-48, d US$30-65;
) Older rooms here
lack the flash of the rooms in a modern three-
storey block but they are the better value. All
guests of the 57 rooms can enjoy the pool, café
and leafy grounds.
.net; Jl Benesari; r US$11-37;
751566; www; off Jl Padma Utara; r US$20-
35, with air-con US$30-32;
) Perfectly clean and functional, the
three-storey blocks here are set around a pool.
If you want to be close to the Kuta clubs it's
a good choice.
Hotel Bounty (Map pp96-7 ;
) Twisting banyan
trees shade scores of brick bungalows hold-
ing 90 rooms in the Brothers' sprawling and
garden-like grounds. The fan rooms are the
best option, but all rooms are spacious, some
have lovely outdoor bathrooms, and most
have solar hot water.
Bali Matahari Hotel (Map pp96-7 ;
There's midrange accommodation away
from the surf and in the back streets east of Jl
Kartika Plaza, but the places are out of the way
and not very convenient for the beach or the
nightlife areas.
Bakung's Beach Cottages (Map p103 ;
753030; www.bounty; Poppies Gang II; r US$35-50;
) Two
pools in leafy grounds are the draw here - one
is quiet and low-key, the other is party central.
The 166 rooms are comfortable and spread
over several two-storey blocks.
Kuta Seaview Cottages (Map pp96-7 ;
The streets are wider and the pace is less fre-
netic than just south in Kuta. Budget places
tend to be larger as well. Plunge into the
interior for some quiet gems.
Sri Beach Inn (Map pp96-7 ;
763707; www; Jl Lebak Bene; r from US$25-35;
Just off Jl Melasti, the Matahari has 38 small-
ish rooms in a two-storey block. The contem-
porary architecture manages to make the tight
space seem larger than it is (it does mean the
pool is close to your door).
Vilarisi Hotel (Map pp96-7 ;
755897; Gang Legian
Tewngah; r 50,000Rp) Follow a series of paths into
the heart of old Legian. When you hear the
cock crowing, you're close to this old family-
run place with eight simple, clean rooms. At
night palms rustle overhead.
Senen Beach Inn
751961; www; Jl Pantai Kuta; r US$60-85;
%; JI Samudra; r US$30-50;
This older, modest resort-style hotel has 107
clean and comfortable rooms with air-con
and satellite TV. The two-storey blocks are
set around a big pool.
Rama Beach Resort (Map p103 ;
The 27 stylishly decorated cottages and 45
large rooms come complete with fresh flowers
on the beds and a lovely garden setting. Right
across the street from the beach, the pool area
has surf views.
Poppies Cottages (Map pp96-7 ;
768010; www.vilarisi
) A five-
storey hotel in the heart of Legian, the 34
rooms here are comfortable and feature shady
balconies with good views from the upper
floors and rooftop lounge. Outdoor tables at
the café overlook the busy gang below.
Hotel Camplung Mas (Map pp96-7 ;
755470; Gang
Camplung Mas 25; s/d 50,000/60,000Rp) In a little gang
near Jl Melasti, this low-key place is run by
friendly young guys. Rooms have outdoor
bathrooms and are set around a small garden.
It's an atmospheric, quiet place to stay, with
a small café.
Ady's Inn (Map pp96-7 ;
(Map pp96-7 ;
751557; www; Jl Jeggala; s/d US$60/70, bungalows
.com; Jl Lebak Bene 15x; r US$25-40;
751059; www.pop
) The beach in the name here
is a three-minute walk away. This older 63-
room resort has been tarted up with assorted
fountain features, although some lucky guests
may save their gushing for the bungalows with
private pools.
) This
Kuta institution has a lush, green garden set-
ting for its 20 thatch-roofed cottages with
outdoor sunken baths. The pool is surrounded
by stone sculptures and water fountains in a
garden that almost makes you forget you are
in the heart of Kuta.; Poppies Gang I; r US$60-85;
751461; www; Jl Lebak Bene; r US$26-40;
753445; off Jl Sahadewa; r
60,000-80,000Rp) Another hidden Legian find,
there are eight simple bungalow-style units in
Balinese stone architecture highlights the 69
bungalows set in walled compounds - if pri-
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