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Tree cover change 8 ka BP - 1 ka BP (CLIMBER2-LPJ)
Tree cover change 8 ka BP - 1 ka BP (reconstruction)
Tree cover change 410 ka BP - 0 ka BP LPJ using CCSM3
Tree cover change 410 ka BP - 0 ka BP CLIMBER2-LPJ
tree cover increase
no change
Fig. 2 Modeled and reconstructed tree cover change during the Holocene and MIS 11.3. a 8
1 ka BP, reconstruction (after Kleinen et al. 2011 ); c 410
0 ka BP,
0 ka BP, LPJ using CCSM3 climate. Reconstructed tree cover changes
for MIS 11.3 are shown as squares in c and d (after Kleinen et al. 2014 )
temperatures, for example, ranging from 2
C warmer than prein-
dustrial. For vegetation changes, shown in Fig. 2 c, d for 410 ka BP, the results from
the two models once more agree well, showing a northward shift of the taiga-tundra
boundary in the high northern latitudes. Reconstructions from terrestrial records
(Kleinen et al. 2014 ) show a similar magnitude of climate change, but the coverage
by well-dated high-resolution records is very limited, preventing a model-data
comparison for more than a few points.
C colder to 3
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