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Hotshot challenges
We have completed the project. The game is fun to play, but it is just the beginning. Here
are some suggesions that we can use to further improve the game.
Providing more statistics
In this kind of game that needs a strategy to play, players may be interested in game
staisics. It would be nice to let a player know how much damage is done in each wave
or how much energy is collected. The player would be able to explore different strategies
by comparing the staisics among their gameplays.
Managing scenes
We skipped the scene management in this project to focus more on making the gameplay
complete. Now it's ime to add scene management. We can show a staring scene where
players can start from wave one or start from the last cleared wave. In the game over
scene, we may display the staisics that we discussed in the previous secion, for example,
how many enemies have been killed.
Adding a pause button
We are using a icker to provide a global imer. When we pause the imer, all the ickers
are paused. We can make use of this characterisic to allow game pausing and resuming.
How about designing a pause scene and resume buton?
Adding a keyboard shortcut
We may allow the use of keyboard shortcuts to create new buildings. Now, the player needs
to keep moving the cursor up and down between the creaion butons and the grid.
We may use the keyup event to add a shortcut to create buildings, for example, using the
number keys 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , and 5 to represent the creaion of junk, satellites, and castles.
Introducing an alternate currency
What if we introduce a rare currency, for example, diamonds? Players can obtain diamonds
by compleing waves or purchasing them with real money. The diamonds can be used to buy
special bombs that cause an area atack to the enemies. This should not afect the balance
of the game much because a skilled player can clean the waves without powerful bombs
and the not-so-skilled players pass the wave by paying an extra cost.
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