HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
The following screenshot shows the logic behind the buton helper:
For more details on the buton helper, please refer to the oicial EaselJS documentaion at .
Classified intel
We have added mouse interacion to the display object. You can take alook at the events
secion in the Stage documentaion for more mouse events: #event_click
You can also refer to the following tutorial showcasing several mouse interacion examples:
Placing buildings on the floor
We are in the process of creaing a building. We let the player choose the type of building
in the previous task. In this task, we allow the players to choose where to place the selected
building on the floor. There is a half-transparent building image following the cursor when
selecing a ile to place the building. If the place is unavailable, we put a red overlay on top
of the ghost building.
Prepare for lift off
We need the three building image files to be placed on the floor. Include the following three
image files in the images folder of our project. The red overlay is added programmaically.
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