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Project 5
Building an Isometric
City Game
We created a canvas-based game in the last project. We will coninue working on canvas and
CreateJS library in this project. We are going to create a game where players build their own
city. We give the city depth by using an isometric projecion, the so-called 2.5D world . We
also will learn more essenial CreateJS techniques that help us build canvas-based games.
Mission briefing
At the beginning of the game, we will show the player a new city. The player will act as its
mayor, create buildings in his/her way, and earn coins.
We'll build a iny economy system, which is made up of coins, diamonds, a power supply,
and populaions. Coins are the major currency, diamonds are the luxury resource, each
building increases the populaion of the city, and the power supply building generates
power to support the populaion. The power capacity of the supplies must be larger than
the required populaion in order to create new buildings.
We introduced three types of buildings that affect the economy. They are the coins generator,
power supply, and merchant. The player's goal is to create a beauiful city and collect as many
coins and diamonds as possible.
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