HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
You can visit to play the example
game in order to have a beter understand of what we will build throughout this project:
The following is a screenshot of the game that is created ater we complete all the objecives
in this project:
Why is it awesome?
We will learn how to place the building on a map and visualize the map in a 2.5D
isometric projecion.
The skill to place buildings is useful in different ways. We will use some common
techniques to place buildings in Project 6 , Space Defenders .
The isometric projecion creates depth in the game. This technique can be used in
a wide range of games, such as RPG games, building games, or strategy games such
as tower defense.
By changing the graphics and game parameters, we can easily modify this project into
games of diferent themes. It may become a zoo park game or any business simulaion
game such as a hospital, restaurant, museum, or logisics company.
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