HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Project 4
Multiply Defense
We built a DOM-based HTML game in the previous project. In this project, we will create
a game using the HTML5 canvas. We will also introduce a game library named CreateJS to
help us manage the game objects.
Mission briefing
We are going to create an educaion-based game to help students pracice muliplicaion.
In this game, there are numbered boxes that fall from the top of the screen and a numeric
pad placed at the botom. When two numbers are selected from the numeric pad, we get
the result of the muliplicaion.
The goal of this game is to eliminate the numbered boxes before they fall on the botom.
To do this, the player needs to click on the two correct numbers in the numeric pad to
match the number value of the falling numbered box.
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