HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
You may visit to play an
example game in order to have a beter understanding of what we will build throughout
this project:
Why is it awesome?
Throughout the project, we will learn to manage game objects inside the HTML5 canvas tag.
We will draw shapes on the canvas and create a tween animaion.
We are going to use a canvas and a game library to create the game. Using a canvas allows us
to manipulate the game at the pixel level. The performance is independent of the number of
game elements we use.
We start by using a game library that helps us easily create games that are more complex.
We will learn how to create a logical hierarchy using inheritance in JavaScript. Inheritance
allows us to reuse similar code and sill have variaion among our game elements. This is
an essenial technique especially when our game becomes more complex.
The following screenshot shows what we are going to achieve in this project:
Your Hotshot objectives
We are going to divide our mission into eight objecives, which are as follows:
F Seing up the canvas and EaselJS
F Defining the numbered box
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