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BasicStroke declares several constructors including BasicStroke(float
width, int cap, int join, float miterlimit, float[] dash,
float dash_phase) ,whichgivesyoucomplete controloverastroke'scharacter-
istics,andtheshorter BasicStroke(float width, int cap, int join)
constructor, which strokes a solid line.
Graphics2DAttribDemo demonstrates both constructors along with pen width,
Figure 7-19 .
Figure 7-19. Select Stroke from the Demo menu to view the stroke demonstration.
Graphics2D inherits (from Graphics ) void setFont(Font font) for set-
tingthefontattributetothespecified Font object.Call Font getFont() (alsoin-
herited from Graphics ) to return the current font.
Figure 7-20 shows the Arial font's plain, bold, italic, and bold plus italic styles.
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