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Figure 7-18. Select Paint from the Demo menu to view the paint demonstration.
Graphics2D declares void setStroke(Stroke stroke) for setting the
strokeattribute.Passanyobjectwhoseclassimplementsthe java.awt.Stroke in-
terface to stroke . Call Stroke getStroke() to return the current stroke.
Stroking is the act of drawing a shape's outline. The first step is to call
setStroke() tospecifyhowyouwanttheoutlinetobedrawn(e.g.,itswidthand
whether it is solid or consists of a mixtures of dashes and spaces). The next step is
tocall setPaint() tospecifyhowyouwanttheoutlinetobepainted(e.g.,using
solidcolors,gradients,ortextures).Thefinalstepistodrawtheoutlinevia Graph-
ics2D 's draw() method.
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