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java : a tool for running applications
javac : a tool that launches the Java compiler to compile one ormore source
javadoc : a tool that generates special HTML-based documentation from
Javadoc comments
The JDK's tools are run in a command-line environment. You establish this by
launching a command window (Windows) or shell (Linux/Solaris), which presents to
you a sequence of prompts for entering commands (program names and their argu-
a command by presenting a drive letter and path combination (e.g., C:\ ).
You respond to the prompt by typing the command, and then press the Return/
Enter key to tell the operating system to execute the command. For example, javac followedbyaReturn/Enterkeypresscausestheoperatingsystemtolaunchthe
javac tool,andtopassthenameofthesourcefilebeingcompiled( )tothis
toolasitscommand-lineargument.Ifyouspecifiedtheasterisk( * )wildcardcharacter,
asin javac *.java , javac wouldcompileallsourcefilesinthecurrentdirectory.
line interface” entry (
line_interface ) .
Another important subdirectory is jre , which stores the JDK's private copy of the
Java Runtime Environment (JRE). The JRE implements the Java platform, making it
possible to run Java programs. Users interested in running (but not developing) Java
programs would download the public JRE. Because the JDK contains its own copy of
the JRE, developers do not need to download and install the public JRE.
Note JDK7comeswithexternaldocumentationthatincludesanextensivereference
to Java's many APIs (see
tion_programming_interface to learn about this term). You can download
the documentation archive from
java/javase/downloads/index-jsp-138363.html so that you can view
this documentation offline. However, because the archive is fairly large, you might
prefer to view the documentation online at
javase/7/docs/index.html .
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