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embeddedapplicationsknownas applets .Youareintroducedtostandaloneap-
ular as they once were.
• The Java ME (Mobile Edition) SDK is used to create applications known as
MIDletsandXlets. MIDlets targetmobiledevices,whichhavesmallgraphical
displays, simple numeric keypad interfaces, and limited HTTP-based network
access. Xlets typically target television-oriented devices such as Blu-ray Disc
cuss MIDlets or Xlets.
• TheJavaEE(EnterpriseEdition)SDKisusedtocreatecomponent-basedenter-
priseapplications.Componentsinclude servlets ,whichcanbethoughtofasthe
server equivalent of applets, and servlet-based Java Server Pages (JSPs). The
Java EE SDK requires that the JDK also be installed. I don't discuss servlets.
ThissectionintroducesyoutoJDK7(alsoreferredtoas Java 7 ,atermusedinlater
chapters) by first showing you how to install this latest major Java SE release. It then
the shorter application term from now on.
Installing JDK 7
Point your browser to
javase/downloads/index-jsp-138363.html andfollowtheinstructionson
file for your Windows, Solaris, or Linux platform.
gzip tarball, and modify your PATH environment variable to include the resulting
home directory's bin subdirectory so that you can run JDK 7 tools from anywhere
in your filesystem. For example, you might include the C:\Program
Files\Java\jdk1.7.0 homedirectoryinthe PATH onaWindowsplatform.You
should also update your JAVA_HOME environment variable to point to JDK 7's home
directory, to ensure that any Java-dependent software can find this directory.
JDK7'shomedirectorycontainsseveralfiles(e.g., README.html and LICENSE )
and subdirectories. The most important subdirectory from this topic's perspective is
bin , which contains various tools that we'll use throughout this topic. The following
list identifies some of these tools:
jar :atoolforpackagingclassfilesandresourcefilesintospecialZIPfileswith
.jar ” file extensions
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