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In addition to the rich features available to iAd users, valuable metrics and analytics are also available via the
platform such as the following:
Taps and tap-through rate
Unique visits
Average time spent
Views and views per visit
Interactions (videos viewed, games played, and so on)
Conversions and downloads
Finally, iAd also provides some rich audience and device targeting features such as the following:
Application preferences
Music, movie, TV, and audiobook genre interests
Device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)
Network (WiFi, 3G)
If you're a publisher or content owner and looking to utilize the iAd platform within your application, I strongly
recommend visiting
iAd_Guide/Introduction/Introduction.html .
Google's AdMob*
As you've may have guessed, Google is in this space as well with its large mobile advertising platform called AdMob
( ) . Google acquired the company in 2009 for a cool $750 million dollars, and currently
AdMob runs billions of banner and text-based ad impressions a year. Its SDK operates across Android, iOS, and
Window Phone 7 applications and manages multiple ad networks into a single interface. AdMob provides a huge
ad network mediation by working with networks like Adfonic, BrightRoll, HUNT, iAD, InMobi, Jumptap, Millennial
Media, MobFox, and many others to provide a single interface for ad management. Application developers install the
SDK code base into their app and can earn revenue by serving Rich Media advertising within the environment. In
addition to the SDK, AdMob interfaces directly with DoubleClick for publishers (DFP), which allows users to fill ad
inventory directly through the AdMob advertising network. AdMob allows for rich media, offers advanced creative
formats leveraging HTML5, and offers audience targeting to specific demographics and locations. To download the
latest AdMob SDK, visit . For example, for applications
using the AdMob SDK, visit .
Opera's AdMarvel*
Another mobile ad server and SDK provider is AdMarvel . Owned by the browser manufacturer
Opera, AdMarvel is a powerful publisher-side ad server, optimization/mediator (mobile ad exchange), and rich
media SDK provider. Much like AdMob, it provides an iOS and Android SDK as well as a BlackBerry SDK. As such, app
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