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developers/publishers can have the best of services and have access to other rich media providers while reducing the
SDK clutter within their applications. Through the AdMarvel interface, standard targeting includes the following:
Operating system
Network carrier
Note that custom targeting is also available (to AdMarvel specifically). This means that campaign managers
and developers can set rules for certain ad tags to render to a user's device based on the previous inputs. This is very
helpful when you want to offer customized messaging or creative to a specific device, time of day, or even cell
network status.
Another popular mobile rich media ad server and SDK provider is Medialets ( ) . Specializing
in mobile rich media specifically, Medialets has a large penetration in the market for both online publishers and
digital publications like e-magazines. Medialets offers its own SDK for integration into iOS, Android, and BlackBerry
applications and provides a suite of analytics to measure the effectiveness of your campaign. Because Medialets
is an SDK provider working within the application environment, it can offer great targeting including time of day,
geolocation, app content, device type, and connection status.
Millennial Media
Millennial Media ( ) is the self-proclaimed largest independent mobile ad network,
competing with the big players of Google's AdMob and Apple's iAd. Millennial Media also brings to the table a full
SDK (MMSDK) where it can serve rich media mobile ads into various applications on various devices. You can
download the MMSDK for a variety of device operating systems including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone,
PSP, and WebOS, to name a few. Through Millennial Media's tools, developers can support interactive mobile video
ads, mobile rich media, and traditional banner ads all with real-time results and analytics. Millennial Media also
offers targeting, including demographic, behavioral, geolocation, and contextual, among others. You can learn more
about its tool set at (be sure to register first).
The list goes on for mobile ad networks and SDK providers offering HTML5-driven rich media. There are too many
to name for the scope of this topic, and it's an ecosystem that is constantly changing. But to outline a few others so
you're aware of them, you may also need to traffic your ad tags into networks like Jumptap ( ) ,
Greystripe ( ) , and InMobi ( ) ; note that they may rely on an SDK that
wasn't mentioned here. In fact, certain applications have their own “homebrewed” SDKs for ad serving, like the
Pandora Music app, and when serving into applications like these, the app provider, the SDK vendor, and the creative
agency together need to determine what calls need to be made to the platform to recognize certain rich features of
the ad such as whether the ad is expanding or closing. Pandora is not amateur to the mobile space, but for some
reason it choose not to go with providers like iAd, Millennial Media, and AdMeld, perhaps because of security issues
( ) .
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