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Figure 8-10. Estimated mobile video viewers worldwide, 2011-2016
Many networks and publishers implement HTML5 support with their video players, and as I write, they've made
different degrees of progress. But expect implementation to grow over time. One technical concern, loading external
assets from an ad server, brings with it certain same domain security restrictions in native JavaScript. This is why using
a CORS method, as discussed in Chapter 6, is highly important for resource sharing. Let's take a look at working with a
mobile VAST tag with reference to an HTML5-compliant video asset (see Listing 8-11).
Listing 8-11. Mobile VAST Example
<VAST version="2.0">
<Ad id="12345">
<AdSystem>HTML5 Compatible</AdSystem>
<AdTitle>VAST 2.0 Instream Test</AdTitle>
<Description>VAST 2.0 Instream Test</Description>
<Error> http://url/error < /Error>
<Impression> http://tracking/impression </Impression>
<Creative AdID="12345">
<Tracking event="creativeView"> http://tracking/creativeView < /Tracking>
<Tracking event="start"> http://tracking/start < /Tracking>
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