HTML and CSS Reference
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h e $headers variable adds the header material that had been concatenated to the content. A
new variable, $reply , provides the text for automatically replying to the sender. In this way,
users get immediate feedback. Figure 16-7 shows what the auto-reply looks like to the recipient.
Figure 16-7: Auto-reply e-mail.
h e user sees that his name is in the header, and the subject line is based on what the user just
sent. Even though the user probably realizes that it's an auto-generated reply, he likes the fact
that a Web development company can do that for his business.
h e addition of the header makes it easier to add a header where you want it. In the i rst
example, the header was really a footer at the end of the message. h is time, it's where it
belongs at the top of the e-mail, as shown in Figure 16-8.
Figure 16-8: A header added to an e-mail.
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