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As you can see in Figure 16-8, the header is at the top of the e-mail. Also, in all the examples,
PHP did an excellent job of keeping the format that was originally entered in the comment
box in the HTML5 input form.
One of the points made repeatedly throughout the topic is to make your page easy to use. h e
e-mail form used in this chapter was very simple, but what about some information that the
Web site owner wanted to know? A comment form is open-ended and is a valuable tool to
communicate with your users. However, sometimes you or your client needs very specii c
information. h is challenge calls for a few changes in the e-mail program to include the
Four radio buttons requesting information about user's type of business
Four check boxes requesting information about the services the user was interested in
h at may not look like much of a challenge, but if you can make data entry easy for users and
access that information in PHP, then you have some very powerful tools at your beck and call.
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